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21 DEC 2020

Linesight Partners with RICS to Upskill Construction Professionals

Linesight is one of the world’s leading construction consultancies, with 22 offices around the world and a client list including some of the most prominent firms and real estate players. In the Americas, they’ve consulted on a diversified portfolio of forward-thinking, innovative projects like the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the new Marriott Hotel in Port-au-Prince and the Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Barrel House, Baltimore’s largest tourist attraction.

Linesight is also a company that prioritizes cutting edge methodology and the highest standards. Their investment in professional qualification for their people is indicative of a growing trend in the built environment fields: employers, even ones with best-in-class service delivery and robust in-house development, are putting a major emphasis on outside training, access to independent research, continuous engagement with the latest best practices and meaningful global networking opportunities.

It makes sense then that Linesight has been working with RICS as part of the global professional body’s Talent Management Program, which works with employers in the built and natural environment to develop their workforces through either RICS training or qualification assistance processes. Since 1974, Linesight has been focused on the qualification of its team members, setting them up for career-long learning and rewarding industry relationships with RICS.

“When candidates who have the RICS qualification apply for opportunities at Linesight, it demonstrates that they have undergone a structured, rigorous training and interview process,” says Patrick Ryan, EVP, Americas, Linesight. “We are assured that our future leaders are working under the highest standards of integrity, and as a global business, we can relocate team members to international offices to build a professional network through local RICS events.”

“When presenting to new clients, having a team that has an RICS designation gives us a competitive advantage and enforces the fact that our business is one that stands for professional best practices,” says Damien Gallogly, Director, Linesight. “It also ensures that our business is keeping up to date with current developments through the RICS seminars, CPD events and the Modus magazine. Chartered Surveyors remain in high demand with our global clients, and thus they are more likely to weather any storm.”

Career Benefits

Newly qualified RICS members are also seeing the benefits in their careers. Across the construction and engineering fields, firms are increasingly looking for ongoing professional development and global knowledge-sharing in prospective and current employees in a changing, more technological and interdisciplinary job landscape. In fact, professionals with a bachelor’s degree or higher plus qualification earn 19 percent more on average than those with degrees but no qualification. In other words, as the industry continues to adapt and grow with climate change and new technology, built environment firms are investing in a workforce that possesses complex skills and deep insights.

“RICS provides a valuable resource in guiding these talented professionals through a rigorous program,” says Allen Williams, Head of Partner Development for RICS in North America.

For newly qualified member Christina Matthews of Linesight, joining RICS has opened up new opportunities and helped to promote inclusivity in the industry.

"RICS ensures that I am maintaining ethical practices throughout my career and I can develop and maintain a level of professional excellence within my team and my company,” she says. “Whilst I have never encountered any barriers I could not overcome through my own drive and determination, the RICS program has made me feel valued as a professional woman in a male-dominated industry, providing me with greater opportunities for upward career progression and paving the way for other women to seek their own journey in this industry."

Newly qualified members and their employers also know that this isn’t a one-time certification; it’s the first step in a career-long journey that continuously provides up-to-date standards and practices.

Christina Matthews

“It has certainly inspired respect and confidence from my clients,” says the newly qualified Kieran McGinley of Linesight. “The program has also given me access to webinars on current hot topics like COVID-19 and diversity, broadening my knowledge of new processes, which I have implemented for my clients.”

The Process

RICS works closely with Linesight leadership and its team members through a regular schedule of remote working sessions to walk them through different components of the various assessments that lead up to qualification. There’s also interview training and tips for how to present ideas effectively, and individual help for what each candidate needs. RICS gives frequent progress reports, tailored checkings and extra sessions for individuals.


“Through the formal qualification process, I have been able to measure my own performance critically against a high level of criteria to validate the quality of my work,” says newly qualified member Harrison O’Gorman of Linesight. “The case study portion of the program allowed me to reflect on one of my specific projects and assess how I work. I have been able to see problem areas in projects more clearly and I am able to address these more confidently, considering all the options available for different situations. This regular self-reflection has helped me to grow in my role, become more confident in my decisions, and given me the ability to offer a broader range of advice to my clients.”

Kieran McGinley
Harrison O’Gorman

By partnering with RICS’ Talent Management Program, AEC and CRE employers are setting their companies and their teams up for growth. The hands-on attention that RICS gives to aspiring members is indicative of a larger network of support that qualified professionals will have for their careers, helping them to bring a truly global and best-in-class body of knowledge to solve every problem and deliver on every project.

“Since completing the program, I have been far better equipped to deal with day-to-day challenges,” says Robert O’Connor of Linesight, a newly qualified quantity surveyor. “Further enhancing my skill set has also opened doors to advancement within my company, leading to more direct client exposure and more prominent roles on new and interesting projects. Being a part of an organization that is striving to keep their members updated and better equipped to deal with the ever-changing landscape of today speaks volumes for their commitment to our industry.”

Robert O’Connor