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17 OCT 2022

Survey of the Profession now open – please share your views

Our Survey of the Profession opens today (17th October), and every member plays a vital role in shaping the future of RICS. Twice a year the survey provides an important opportunity for you to share your insights and thoughts, and for us here at RICS to listen and ensure RICS activity is focused on the correct priority. 

In May we saw a decline in the response rate to the survey, but we also saw positive indications on topics related to the reforms flowing from Lord Bichard’s recommendations and encouraging numbers on topics like member engagement, local representation and local office coverage. We are committed to working hard to improve consistently and learn from the valuable insights the survey provides.

To ensure impartiality and confidentiality, RICS has appointed Savanta, an independent global research agency, to conduct the survey on our behalf. So, please check your email for which contains your unique link to complete the survey. You can also use this email to contact Savanta if you have not received your invitation to take part or are experiencing any technical difficulties.

Your response to the survey really matters to us and does make a difference. This edition is a shorter pulse style survey and will only take 5 minutes to complete so we look forward to hearing your views. The survey will be open from 17 October-18 November. 

We will be sharing the findings from the survey alongside our Q1 report of the new fiscal year


Frequently Asked Questions 

How often do you run Survey of the Profession? 
The survey is run twice each year independently of any other research in April–May and October–November. 

Is the Survey of the Profession impartial and confidential?
To ensure impartiality and confidentiality, RICS has appointed Savanta, an independent market research agency, to conduct the survey. For more information on your data rights, please refer to Savanta’s privacy policy here.

How will we know when the survey has opened? 
You will receive an email from between 17 and 20 October with an invitation from the RICS President Clement Lau, and a unique link to participate in the survey. You will see reminders about the survey in our social channels, and our new myRICS community, as well as receive reminder emails from Savanta containing your unique survey link.  

Who do I contact if I need to speak to someone at Savanta about a technical problem? 
If you have any questions about this research and want to speak to someone at Savanta directly, please contact .

Will we be able to access the survey directly from RICS social channels during the fieldwork period? 
You will only be able to complete the survey by using the unique link sent to you via email. To ensure confidential and impartial results, the links are unique to each member and issued via the invite that you receive from Savanta via email (  This means that we cannot provide a generic link via our social channels to complete the survey.

Is the survey available in different languages? 
The survey will be available in English, French, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. You will be able to select the language you prefer when you start the survey. The email invite and reminders are also sent out in these five languages, depending on your location.  

How will we hear about the findings from the survey? 
We aim to provide feedback on the findings in the Quarterly reporting following release of the full report to RICS.  For the October/November edition this will be Q1 of our new fiscal year.