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26 APR 2022

Working With Public Authorities To Level Up Communities Across The UK

Ahead of elections across the UK on 5 May 2022, RICS has set out eight calls to action for civic authorities to level up and transform communities across all regions.  In Northern Ireland, there are regional elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly from which a new Executive will be formed, and a separate manifesto can be read here

Decisions taken by these authorities will play a crucial role in creating sustainable and healthy places to live, driving economic activity and revitalising town centres, providing high-skilled local job opportunities, and promoting local cultural heritage. 

RICS plays a pivotal role in supporting regional and local authorities with the delivery of their vision for the built and natural environment. This includes using our member's expertise and professional standards and services such as the Whole Life Carbon Assessment, Conflict Avoidance Process and International Building Operation Standard to drive forward improvements in public sector investment, placemaking and management.

RICS looks forward to building on its close work with regional and local authorities to enact positive change across the built and natural environment.

Calls to Action

  1. Recognise the important role of investment and professional stewardship in the built and natural environment in promoting healthy, sustainable, and productive local economies.
  2. Enable a holistic approach to place making and ensure greater planning capacity and efficiency.
  3. Embed net zero and social value at the heart of decision making on all issues – including the built and natural environment - to drive a just transition to net zero.
  4. Rise to the challenge of greatly improving housing supply and the futureproofing of existing stock, ensuring people have access to a range of safe, warm, high quality, and affordable housing options.
  5. Drive investment to regenerate town centres, unlock local economic growth, and raise standards of living.
  6. Recognise, encourage and invest in the upskilling of built environment professionals to create a highly-skilled local workforce.
  7. Work together with political colleagues, policy makers and industry to deliver on local and national objectives.
  8. Recognise and protect the role of the built environment in maintaining your area’s cultural heritage and history.


We look forward to working with officials and elected representatives across the political spectrum to communicate a positive vision for the future of the built and natural environment and highlight the vital role of chartered surveyors in tackling some of the most prominent domestic issues facing the UK, including the provision of safe and warm housing and the transition to net zero.

Please download the attached PDFs and if you have any questions or would like to be further involved in RICS’ government engagement and advocacy, please feel free to get in touch using the details provided below.