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Annual Review 2019-2020

Annual Review 2019-2020: A force for positive social impact

Together with RICS, the profession has led change for over 150 years enabling its members to take advantage of opportunities, provide support and guidance, and manage any risks. 

What is new, however, is the speed and pace of change, which is now on a different scale – not least due to the societal and economic impact of COVID-19 that began in early 2020. This requires us to think strategically about where we focus and deploy our expertise and resource. 

As a standard setter, regulator, educator and global professional body we are constantly assessing our role to best deliver confidence to governments, markets and the public, and act as a force for positive social impact. This means we can continue to provide leadership in the 21st century. 

Everything we do is designed to effect positive change in the built and natural environments

CEO's statement by Sean Tompkins

Chairman’s statement by Chris Brooke FRICS