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Digital Modus and Journals online: It's here!

Modus and Journals


Modus is our external publication. It acts as our global ambassador inspiring and informing professionals from the start of their careers to retirement. Highly interactive, new content is published weekly to be easily shared with your professional network on social media.


Journals provide sector-specific content tailored to the needs of RICS professionals and candidates. The journals provide technical updates, best practice and guidance for professionals in the built and natural environments, supporting them in their work. They are now available for everyone, without logging in.

Explore the interactive content, updated daily, and sign-up to the newsletters which provide a regular round-up of articles published on the site.

Modus and Journals online

Check out our video guide to the Modus and Journals platform and see how you can keep up to date with the latest trends in the built and natural environment

We want to hear from you

This platform exists primarily for our professionals, and your input is important to help us continuously improve the service we offer to support your professional development. Email to let us know what content you would like to see and your feedback on the platform.