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26 JUN 2018

Big data: a new revolution in the UK facilities management sector

This report examines the drivers, challenges, opportunities and benefits of using big data analytics (BDA) for FM and how to develop a methodological framework to implement BDA into FM organisations.

Facilities management (FM) organisations are coming under increasing pressure from clients to manage facility portfolios within stringent targets for cost efficiency and environmental impact.

While the use of big data in FM can generate many benefits such as proactive rather than reactive maintenance solutions and help meet cost and environmental goals, take up in the industry has been slow.

Objectives of the research

The report includes case studies of how three leading FM organisations in the UK are capitalising on BDA. A detailed survey provides further information on the drivers, challenges, strategies employed for implementation and outcomes from over 50 participants whose companies have been involved the BDA process.

The specific objectives of the study are to:

  • Provide a critical review of the technological trends transforming the FM sector and the paradigm shift in the way building services are delivered.
  • Document the key benefits that can help facilities managers make data based smart decisions.
  • Help to close the existing knowledge gap by proposing a comprehensive strategy for FM organisations to handle big data.
  • Propose recommendations for FM organisations to effectively utilise and exploit technological innovations to add value to core business processes, and raise awareness of key challenges associated with data collection, analysis and storage.