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BCIS Consultancy

BCIS Consultancy

What is BCIS Consultancy and how is it provided?

BCIS Consultancy is a bespoke service delivered by BCIS data experts. It provides customers with independent built environment intelligence currently unavailable from any RICS product offering. We leverage the well-established BCIS brand as a data provider, combined with the trust and independence associated with RICS as a professional body.

Our customers use this service to help them to make informed business decisions, enhance the credibility of their activities or to support their clients with specialist skills, research and data.

Value Proposition

Through a focus on our customers’ challenges and opportunities, BCIS Consultancy offers a tailored approach. We enable our clients to make better informed decisions regarding their projects and assets, identifying areas for improvement and increased return on investment:

  • at project level, we provide our clients with greater certainty during delivery allowing them to optimise their capital expenditure.

  • at asset level, we help our clients quantify the economic impact of their built assets and identify areas for improvement.

  • across the wider business/policy environment, we enable our clients to assess market potential and key trends at a local, regional, national and international level.

Areas of expertise

BCIS Consultancy provides advice, guidance and support throughout the project lifecycle. We can analyse and interrogate data at any level, from detailed resource (labour, plant and material) or unit rates (underpinned by our comprehensive pricebooks), through to high-level average building prices, courtesy of our industry-leading BCIS. We predict future price movement of resource inputs to identify major cost drivers in construction and advise on trends.

Our market-leading offering covers a range of consultancy services. Click on the headings below to find out more about our offering:

Please contact us at if you would like to discuss your requirements.