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Conflict Avoidance Process

Avoid conflict and ensure project delivery

We develop conflict avoidance and early intervention procedures that ensure disagreements between you and your clients or contractors are aired quickly, earnestly and dealt with so that costs are kept to a minimum and your project delivery doesn’t suffer.

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Conflicts damage reputations

“Disputes can cause immeasurable harm to business relationships and brand reputations, as well as being painfully slow to resolve. As a result, when issues occur, projects are often delivered behind schedule, over budget, and quality is often undermined.”

Martin Burns, Head of ADR R&D, RICS

Resolve conflicts early and protect reputation

The RICS Conflict Avoidance Process (CAP) is a contractual mechanism, which helps parties to avoid getting embroiled in
pro-longed and damaging disputes.


Our clients

What our clients think

Avoiding conflicts saves time, cost and energy that would be better served in delivering projects. Conflict Avoidance helps resolve issues at the time of the event in the way the contract intended, it helps both parties. From a commercial perspective it is a brilliant process compared to alternatives such as mediation, adjudication and arbitration.

Transport for London


The Parties do not pay for the setting up and maintenance of the RICS List of CAP Professionals.

✓ Parties do not pay for the setting up and maintenance of the RICS List of CAP Professionals
✓ Parties do not pay for nominations made by RICS from the list of CAP professionals.
✓ Each party pays their own costs incurred in taking a matter through CAP.
✓ Each party pays half of the CAP professional’s fee and expenses, unless they agree otherwise.
✓ The fees charged by a CAP Professional on a particular contract are normally charged at an hourly rate, which is agreed beforehand between RICS and the contracting parties.

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Construction Conflict Avoidance Process

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To apply for the nomination of an RICS CAP professional, please complete the application form and our team will be in touch.

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Government guidelines on conflict avoidance

Guidance issued by the Cabinet Office includes robust encouragement to all individuals, businesses and public authorities to behave responsibly and fairly in the national interest.

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An industry sea-change

Several of the UK's leading construction and infrastructure professional bodies and organisations have joined together and signed the pledge to help the industry reduce the costs of conflict and deliver major projects on time and on budget.

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