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DRS Panel of Experts

DRS Panel of Experts

RICS' Dispute Resolution Services (DRS) make thousands of appointments each year from its panels of dispute resolvers. DRS is the leading appointment authority for property related disputes. Only those who are able to reflect the high standards of knowledge and experience expected by RICS are able to join a panel.

The RICS Global President’s Panel of Dispute Resolvers and Expert Witnesses comprises a full spectrum of dispute resolution practitioners, including mediators, arbitrators, adjudicators, dispute board members, independent experts and expert witnesses. It is the only panel of its kind where clients can approach a truly independent body for dispute resolution and expert witness services for the built environment.

RICS Panels

  • Commercial Rent Review Arbitrators
  • Commercial Rent Review Independent Experts
  • Rural Practice Arbitrators
  • Construction Adjudicators
  • Non-rent Arbitrators
  • Mediators
  • Middle East & Africa Panel of Construction Arbitrators

How panel quality is assured

The Panel is a self-regulating body operating under Royal Charter; this ensures consistent applications of internationally recognised policies and safeguards. Panel members have both the dispute resolution skills and the professional knowledge and experience needed to provide an impartial and professional service:

  • Panel members undergo rigorous training in dispute resolution techniques to internationally approved levels.
  • Panel members are required to pass an in-depth interview by an RICS Assessment Board to ensure they have the professional skills and experience required to join the panel.
  • Professional references are obtained for each of the panel members, consisting of a detailed report and follow-up consultations if required.
  • Panel members are regularly re-assessed on their dispute resolution and professional skills.
  • Each panel member is required to maintain comprehensive Continuing Professional Development (CPD), which is closely monitored by RICS.
  • Panel members are subject to RICS international quality assurance and complaints mechanisms.
  • All panel members sign a service level agreement to ensure that they are of good standing and committed to high ethical and professional standards.

DRS: Interview Guide for Candidates

DRS: Appeals Procedure

Rent Review Arbitrators and Independent Experts

The largest proportion of RICS appointments are made from the Panel of Rent Review Arbitrators and Independent Experts who are appointed on rent review disputes and lease renewals under PACT. Most commercial leases continue to have provision for the RICS President to appoint an Arbitrator or Independent Expert, which is an acknowledgement of the technical knowledge and experience of RICS Panel members.

Commercial Rent Arbitrator - Initial Criteria for Inclusion

Commercial Rent Arbitrators - Criteria for Reassessment

Commercial Rent Independent Experts - Initial Criteria for Inclusion

Commercial Rent Independent Experts - Criteria for Reassessment

Rural Practice Surveyors

Rural practice surveyors deal with appointments under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 and the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995. These Panel Members also deal with other property, partnership or contract farming disputes under the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996.

Rural Arbitrators - Initial Criteria for Inclusion

Rural Arbitrators - Criteria for Reassessment

Construction Adjudicators

The largest RICS non-rent panel is the Panel of Construction Adjudicators. RICS nominates Construction Adjudicators under the provisions of the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996, and also under contract. The majority of members on these panels are Chartered Surveyors, but members of other professional bodies such as Architects or Engineers are also able to join the Panel to enable RICS to make appropriate appointments.

Construction Adjudicators - Initial Criteria for Inclusion

Construction Adjudicators - Criteria for Reassessment

Non-rent Arbitrators

RICS has a Panel dealing with non-rent arbitrations, but few appointments are made from this Panel as most cases are resolved by adjudication. However, RICS is promoting the use of our dispute resolvers in the international market and are establishing panels to work within these regions.

Non-rent Arbitrators - Initial Criteria for Inclusion

Non-rent Arbitrators - Initial Criteria for Reassessment

Panel of Mediators

RICS are exploring options to further utilise the skills and experience of the members of the Panel of Mediators. We provide mediation training and future recruitment to the panel will be from those who are RICS Accredited Mediators.

Panel of Mediators - Initial Criteria for Inclusion

Panel of Mediators - Initial Criteria for Reassessment

Code of Practice for Mediators

Future Recruitment to Panels

When we identify shortages on a panel, applications are invited from those who meet the appropriate criteria and are able to fulfil the current recruitment need. The criteria are available to download on this page. Potential candidates will be required to forward a ‘Summary of relevant experience’, complete a skills form detailing their expertise and giving details of referees who support their application. Candidates whose expertise and skills match the areas of shortages identified for panel recruitment may be invited to attend an RICS training/assessment course. Priority will be given to those candidates who most closely match the recruitment need, and so not everyone who wishes to join a panel will be invited to attend a training course.

Future recruitment to the Adjudicator Panel will be drawn from those who have successfully completed the RICS/RSPH Diploma in Construction Adjudication. This is a qualification which can be obtained after completion of an externally accredited training course. However, completion of the Diploma will not lead to automatic inclusion on the Panel. As with all RICS Panels, recruitment is undertaken only when shortages are identified.

RICS would expect surveyors wishing to join our panels to have at least 10 years post-qualification experience, as well as experience in dispute resolution (usually acting as an Expert Witness or advocate in arbitrations or expert determinations). Prospective candidates should be recognised by their peers as having extensive current experience in their area of expertise, whether this relates to a skill area or specific geographic location. For Independent Experts, the surveyor should be actively involved in market transactions.

Candidates who successfully complete all elements of the training/assessment requirements will then be required to pass an interview conducted by a board, before being invited to join the panel. Membership of the panel does not guarantee a quota, or any, appointments.

Once on the panel, members are required to carry out CPD specifically related to dispute resolution and will be subject to regular assessment. The regular reassessment of Panel Members ensures that those on the Panel continue to meet the high standards expected of an RICS Panel Member.

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