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Assessment applications

Assessment applications

Details on the RICS assessment application process and access to online application forms

Application process

Complete the submission template

All submissions should be completed using the Word templates. Any information you have recorded in ARC should be transferred into these templates.

We updated the submission templates on 31 January 2022 to align with the updated assessment process (view a summary of the changes). Please use the new templates in the sections below. We will continue to accept 2021 submission templates but recommend you use the 2022 templates for the best experience.

Check the validity of your RICS module on rules of conduct

New Rules of Conduct became effective on 2 February 2022. A new RICS Professionalism Module replaced the previous RICS Ethics Module.

Check the requirements

Complete the online application form

We have created online assessment application forms that provide us with all the information we need to schedule your assessment. You will need to know your membership number, provide dates that you will be available during the assessment session, and select any specialisms related to your pathway. We will also require the names, membership numbers, and email addresses of your counsellor, proposer and seconders. You will sign the declarations and then upload your submission.

Please review the relevant candidate application checklist before starting your application.

APC candidate checklist

Associate candidate checklist

Senior Professional and Specialist candidate checklist

Please note: We will not accept applications or submissions sent via email.

Receive confirmation of a valid application

We will complete checks on your application and submission and confirm by email that we have received all the required information to begin scheduling your assessment.

Situations that may delay or cancel your assessment

  • If you fail to provide all the required information by the application deadline.
  • If your counsellor, proposer or a seconder withdraw their support for your application.

Receive confirmation of your assessment date

As soon as your assessment is scheduled we will confirm your interview date and time by email.

This applies to candidates for final assessment interview only. Candidates applying for associate assessment or preliminary review will receive their result within the published result window.

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Extension to case study and CPD validity

In February 2021 we introduced a 6-month extension to the time limits on CPD records and case studies. This extension continues to apply to all associate and chartered assessments until 31st December 2022.

Extensions do not apply to the requirement for the ethics module to be successfully completed within the past 12 months.