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14 APR 2022

BIM, 2D drawings and accessible lidar are only the beginning

What other standards in addition to IFC are important when combining data sets for construction and building operations and maintenance?  How can we combine data sets that include sophisticated BIM models, 2D drawings, technical specifications, and operational data when many are still stored in legacy formats such as pdfs?  How are technologies such as Lidar enabled smartphones driving the automation of measurement and the creation of point clouds?  What are the challenges in gaining adoption by asset owners for these new technologies?

Stanislas Limouzi speaks with Andrew Knight as they discuss how different data sources can be combined with BIM and 2D drawings to turn data into valuable information from construction through to operations.

More information regarding BIMData and the Tech Partner Programme can be found at BIMData and

RICS Tech Partner discussion with BIMData IO - BIM, Lidar, smart phone apps