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6 MAY 2022

Panel discussion-Looking at A.I. ethics and governance from a risk mind set

How should we define and describe the mix of algorithms, statistical approaches, AI etc. that are being used across multiple markets and sectors?  How is the built and natural environment, being impacted by AI and Ethical issues?  How do we achieve a balance between risk management and maximising the opportunities and benefits?  Where is the centre of gravity from a public interest perspective – for example from vendor through client to the consumer?  How has the automated valuation of property highlighted the challenge?  What can learn from other sectors?  How is academia contributing to the debate?  What should be the shape, role, and approach of regulators be?  What role can bodies, like RICS, IIC play in educating the various stakeholders affected?

Adelina Cooke of Google, Dan Hughes of Alpha Property Insight, Emre Kazim of Holistic AI, and Cordel Green of the Broadcasting Commission speak with Andrew Knight as discuss the issue of artificial intelligence governance and ethics from a risk management perspective and how it impacts the built and natural environment.

More information regarding the Tech Partner Programme, the International Institute of Communications,  and our partners Holistic AI and Alpha Property Insight can be found at

RICS Tech Partner programme and IIC - AI Ethics and governance from a risk management perspective