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My RICS: Giulia Comparini, real estate lawyer

My RICS: Giulia Comparini, real estate lawyer

Giulia Comparini MRICS is a partner and one of the leading lawyers at Cocuzza & Associati, a real estate legal practice in Milan.

She provides assistance to national and international clients on a broad variety of real estate transactions, offering comprehensive legal advice and services in different commercial matters, including commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, real estate law, agency, and distributorship.

Giulia has seen the Italian market change a lot in 30 years of legal practice, but now more than ever there's a market demand for professionalism and new skills in the real estate sector.

Hi Giulia. As a lawyer, have you always been interested in real estate or have you been attracted to the sector lately?

My career as a lawyer started at the end of the 1980s, then I moved to Milan at the beginning of the 1990s to work as an associate for Baker & McKenzie.

My interest in real estate law started late in the 1990s when I joined my current law firm, Cocuzza & Associati. They were already offering consultancy to retailers and we have grown since then.

Market liberalisation has massively changed the horizon and real estate and property law have changed accordingly. The sector was and still is very interesting as it is evolving continuously; today there are more sophisticated real estate market management tools, professionalism and expertise have improved, and transparency has become an important pillar for every transaction.

Our national market has not yet arrived at the highest ethical standards, but there's increasing attention for the quality of information and trusted sources.

What is the potential for careers in real estate law?

Real estate is a growing sector in Italy. There's a lack of specific professional figures specialising in property and real estate management, which means there are a great many opportunities for businesses to develop.

Luckily young professionals interested in this career path can now avail of high-level courses, such as the masters in real estate management at Milan's Politecnico and Bocconi universities, which provides the knowledge necessary to fit the market needs.

But of course, continuous education and practice are essential to long-term success. In this respect becoming an RICS member is an important opportunity for real estate professionals. Sometimes, in Italy, we tend to identify RICS with valuation only, while there are many other opportunities for a career as the diversity of pathways at RICS demonstrates.

Is the RICS qualification a must when dealing with international clients?

We operate within Italian real estate law, working with foreign clients in Italy or Italian clients entering foreign markets. The RICS qualification is very popular abroad and is a mark of quality and competence in the sector, therefore, it's very appreciated.

I heard about RICS from foreign colleagues myself. I was working with a French lawyer operating in the construction sector, and she talked about how the qualification could be useful in the wider built environment sector, not only in valuation.

The RICS qualification is very popular abroad and is a mark of quality and competence in the sector, therefore, it's very appreciated.

Giulia Comparini
Giulia Comparini MRICS

What's the added value of being MRICS for a successful lawyer?

In our lives, we must always learn and improve. I see the RICS qualification as an opportunity for enhancement and contribution to the profession.

After several years of practicing as a lawyer, I really wanted to improve my skills, challenge myself, and support younger professionals. In fact, I'm also an assessor for candidates studying management consultancy and asset management; this is an experience I strongly recommend to all RICS professionals as it's a great occasion to read new case studies, discover trends, and approach subjects we are experts on from other viewpoints.

The RICS qualification is not only an internationally recognised and appreciated label, but also a chance to meet new professionals and potential clients with whom to share important values of ethics and quality, essential to the development of the real estate field.

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