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Disciplinary and regulatory decisions

Disciplinary and regulatory decisions

Find out about disciplinary and regulatory decisions made against Regulated Members. Regulated Members are RICS professionals of regulated firms.

Panels for hearings and decisions made by a single decision maker are selected from the Regulatory Tribunal, which consists of a Presiding Chair, 19 lay members and eight RICS professionals.

Disciplinary Panel

A Disciplinary Panel must comprise of a Panel Chair and at least two other members, of whom one must be a lay member (i.e. someone who is not a professional of RICS). Some members of the Regulatory Tribunal can be appointed as Chairs of Disciplinary Panels when dealing with cases.

A Disciplinary Panel's role is to hear disciplinary cases involving Regulated Members, to make findings of fact in relation to allegations brought by RICS, to decide whether a Regulated Member is liable to disciplinary action and, if so, to consider whether a sanction should be imposed.

If an allegation is proven, and a Disciplinary Panel concludes that a Regulated Member is liable to disciplinary action, it can consider whether a disciplinary sanction is needed in the public interest. Disciplinary Panels can issue sanctions ranging from cautions, imposing fines, imposing conditions or expelling Regulated Members and removing the registration of RICS-regulated firms.

Decisions made by a single member of the Regulatory Tribunal

On 2 March 2020, the Conduct and Appeal Committee was renamed the Regulatory Tribunal, and the 'Disciplinary, Registration and Appeal Panel Rules' became the 'Regulatory Tribunal Rules'. Concerns raised or information received from this date will be considered under the new rules. Under these rules a Regulated Member can be referred to a Single Member of the Regulatory Tribunal who will consider the case and may decide to take disciplinary action.

A case may be referred to a Single Member of the Regulatory Tribunal if:

  • a Regulated Member fails to meet their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements three or more times within a ten year period
  • a Regulated Member is convicted of a criminal conviction that had the possibility of a custodial sentence on first conviction
  • there is not a substantial dispute of the facts, the public interest does not require a hearing and the case is not likely to result in expulsion or removal of registration (other than for CPD breaches).

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