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International Building Operation Standard (IBOS)

What is IBOS?

Please note, this document was reissued in February 2023 as practice information. It was previously published in February 2022 as a Framework document. No other changes have been made to the document. For more information on the document category changes, see the text part way down on this page Upholding Professional Standards

The International Building Operation Standard (IBOS) is a data-based approach that supports the measurement and management of buildings for strategic decision-making.

As the way we live evolves, there is a need for a people-centric approach to how spaces are managed.

Developed alongside the market, IBOS reaches beyond traditional ways of assessing building performance to add another dimension – user experience - and provides a consistent way to benchmark across a number of properties.

IBOS revolves around five key pillars:

compliance | economics | functionality | sustainability | performance

By assessing against these pillars, buildings can be measured in a consistent way. What pillar does your building perform best on? What can you do to raise the status of your weakest pillar?

IBOS reaches beyond traditional ways of assessing building performance to equip professionals with a range of data. Assessment results can be used to inform decisions around ESG and sustainability, building optimisation and user-experience.  

The framework can be integrated into your own system, or you can use the RICS IBOS self-assessment tool (SAT).

The SAT allows you to:

  • Consistently measure your building against key indicators
  • Generate a percentage-based report
  • Download your assessment

The IBOS framework is for use by anyone who wants to check their buildings against the core pillars. A range of organisations have endorsed it, including large office occupiers, universities, service provider firms and government departments.

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IBOS - Benchmarking Building Performance

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  • To deliver an international standard for the operation of buildings to meet the needs of occupiers, investors, advisors and end users by providing a global benchmarkfor delivering better buildings for people, society and the planet.
  • To achieve a consistent benchmark for cost measurement and delivery of value for all real estate assets.

RICS IBOS: Buildings are changing

The role of buildings is changing. RICS introduces the International Building Operation Standard to support buildings be more compliant, functional, economic, sustainable and performing.

Global insight has demonstrated a key role for RICS to provide support and structure in guiding organisations forward, and optimising building performance

Paul Bagust

Paul Bagust
Paul Bagust


  • Janelle Chandler MRICS

    Facilities and Commercial Property Management Professional, Sagicor

    "IBOS uses a multi-faceted approach to evaluating building operations which incorporates global benchmarks and has a unique focus on user experience. I am thrilled that the RICS has developed it. A standard that can be adopted anywhere in the world to inform a wide cross section of stakeholders, especially property owners and potential investors."

  • Danny Lemon

    Head, 22 Bishopsgate

    "We are delighted to have had the opportunity to support RICS in their ambition to develop international building operation guidelines for real estate. This is applied similarly at 22 Bishopsgate, a human-centered workplace in the heart of the City of London. 22 Bishopsgate champions better business through creating an inclusive community. Its purpose to bring together a diverse range of occupiers across numerous sectors, to create a workspace where people and ideas can thrive."

  • Olga Turner Baker

    MD, Ekkist

    “In a clear, industry-wide document, IBOS helps to consolidate a range of strategies to support asset managers and developers in optimising user experience, health and well-being. Through internal monitoring and reporting, companies can track their progress, benchmark their performance and build upon targets in each given area. It is now widely recognised that proactively operating a building in a responsible, sustainable and healthy way is just as important as its construction. IBOS helps to ensure that post construction performance remains a key consideration and metric for all existing and future buildings”

  • Ritesh Sachdev

    SVP & Head of Commercial Leasing and Asset Management, Tata Realty

    "The world as we know has changed and so has our workplace. The pandemic has hyper-increased the focus on safety and wellness as organisations strive to bring employees back to the workplace. Whether an owned campus or a multi-tenanted asset, occupiers and developers will have to partner and bring about this much needed confidence as return back to office gains momentum and ‘Wellness’ at the workplace becomes a necessity. I would like to congratulate, compliment and encourage the RICS, the World’s leading professional body for qualifications and standards as they introduce International Building Operations Standard (IBOS) for property developers and owners to appreciate, implement and benefit"

  • Damien Toner

    Director of Estates, Queens University Belfast

    "As we evolve the Queen's estate to support the university's new 10 year strategy, we can clearly see the benefits that IBOS can bring in helping us ensure that student and staff experience remains firmly at the heart of our approach to asset management alongside our goal of achieving net zero in the fastest possible time.'

  • Patrick Turner

    CTO of Engineering, Acutro

    "Acutro is a PropTech provider possessing expertise in data centric environments: aggregation, analytics, reporting, standardisation are all services it delivers across the built environment. IBOS paves the way for organisations to begin transforming their data culture by simplifying analysis with the guidance of the IBOS Five Pillar’s. In a world where there is access to huge quantities of data, IBOS empowers our clients to decide what data is useful information and then Acutro learns what intelligence is impactful for our client."

  • Cristian Vasiliu

    MD, Romania FM Association

    "Some of us may see the 21st Century truly starting with the Covid Pandemic but we all agree that creating social value and optimizing the use of resources are the cornerstones of the present and near future. From this perspective I am welcoming IBOS as a vivid tool bringing together the operational performance of the buildings and the users experience. I am also pleased and ready to use IBOS as an educational resource for those real estate and FM professionals who, day by day, are serving the buildings and the people living and working inside them."

  • Dan Hughes

    Director, Alpha Property

    "The effective use of data can provide huge benefits in buildings. However, as the definition of building performance evolves and expands it is vital that there is a robust framework detailing the elements that need to be considered and the corresponding data to be used. IBOS does just this and is a foundational step for the sector to fully leverage data in the years to come - ultimately to drive better performance in buildings whether for people, the planet or finances."

  • Rob Jackson

    Chief Growth Officer, Asite

    “As we prioritise effective management of buildings, improved reporting against evolving legislation, coupled with a proliferation of available data, IBOS will create clarity and ensure this information facilitates consistent reporting and ‘like for like’ benchmarking.”

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