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Business plans

Business plans

RICS Business Plan 2021-2022


RICS has been responding to the immediate financial implications of the pandemic and reshaping itself over the last year to cope with an agile shift to new ways of operating. RICS is also developing plans to better support the profession and the leadership contribution it can make to society in a post COVID-19 world as part of our work following the major consultation with members and stakeholders undertaken in early 2021.

Given the review of governance, purpose and strategy that will be delivered towards the end of this plan period, the structure of our corporate objectives for 2021-22 represents an evolution from those in previous years only. Future plans will be based on the outcome of decisions taken by Governing Council following the review and may look significantly different.

RICS Business Plan 2018-2021

The RICS Business Plan is a detailed strategy for the next three years, providing direction on our vision: “Through our credential and our professional standards we will create confidence in markets and be known for effecting positive change in the built and natural environments.”

Read our 2018-21 business plan, titled: A global professional body fit for the 21st century shaping the built and natural environments.

COVID-19 Recovery Business Plan 2020-21

A global professional body fit for the 21st century shaping the built and natural environments

The COVID-19 Recovery Business Plan 2020-21 seeks to continue the existing strategic direction for RICS and the profession, and delivers on our strategic objectives. However, it plots how to achieve this in the context of a significantly changed environment.

While we also set out a 3-year position, our focus is firmly on the next 12 months and establishing a new normal baseline to our forward business planning. 2020-21 is a reset and recovery business plan year, but our aim is to end the year having pioneered a new, more resilient RICS, fit for the future and capable of responding rapidly to ongoing and significant socio-economic changes and trends that impact our profession.