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17 DEC 2021

Can old stock buildings become high performing?

How do we measure the performance of buildings and what do we mean by building performance evaluation?  Why is it becoming more mainstream now?  Why is it becoming more relevant to surveyors and facility managers?  How is the current focus on ESG driving more adoption of building performance?  How does the definition of performance differ across housing, commercial buildings, and other asset types such as schools etc.?  What are the Implications for valuations and the financing of projects such as retrofit?  How can we work with the ‘long tail’ of assets that are already built?

Hermione Crease speaks with Andrew Knight as they discuss how to turn environmental data from your estate into meaningful metrics on performance, and why that is likely to become a very significant tool for managing and valuing property.

More information regarding Purrmetrix and the Tech Partner Programme can be found at Purrmetrix and

RICS Tech Partner discussion with Purrmetrix - ESG building performance