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9 DEC 2021

'Software As A Service' can help Facility Managers structure data and work

What exactly do we mean when we talk about Software as a Service (SaaS)?  Are there any risks to using SaaS, and if so, what should customers being asking potential suppliers?  What are the efficiency and environmental benefits of using mobile SaaS technology?  How and why are FM, asset and maintenance firms using SaaS platforms?  How can you develop a truly mobile workforce strategy?  How you do support standards and help firms produce and share both documents, and consistent, structured data for reporting and analytics?  What barriers remain in the marketplace to enable the sector to take advantage of the benefits of SaaS and more structured data?

James Logan and Karl Horner speak with Andrew Knight as they discuss the opportunities to use Software-as-a-Service in the FM and asset management sector and beyond.

More information regarding the Tech Partner Programme and our partner Mobiess found at

RICS Tech Partner Programme talk with Mobiess