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28 SEP 2021

The future of conveyancing is digital

What does digital conveyancing mean and what will the future of conveyancing look like as it become digitised? Who are the new breed of digital conveyancers and what does it mean for RICS surveyors in terms of opportunities? How can digital platforms support this new world? How do we educate the consumer and other stakeholders in the process around the RICS Home Survey Standard to ensure the market understands the value of surveys above and beyond mortgage valuations?  What are the barriers to the widespread adoption of digital conveyancing? 

Charles Thackray from Sidedoor speaks to Andrew Knight on these topics as they discuss the future of conveyancing.   

More information regarding the Tech Partner Programme and our partner Sidedoor can be found here.

RICS Tech Partner Programme talk with Sidedoor – Digital conveyancing – past, present and future