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My RICS: Ravinder Kaur, globetrotter

My RICS: Ravinder Kaur, globetrotter

Ravinder Kaur MRICS explains how she has been able to expand her horizons and take her surveying skills around the world.

Why did you decide to become a chartered surveyor with RICS?

Growing up in a real estate environment, I became aware of demand for real estate related services from bank funding to planning. I began my career as an investment surveyor assisting in sale and purchases across the UK of commercial assets; pursuing the specific career path of a valuation surveyor came from a natural interest in commercial property and the financial industry and a zeal for solution-focused outcomes.

Initially, I knew that being a chartered surveyor my role could be adaptable and through continual and learning and development, that I would continue to develop my professional skills.

What value has this added to your career?

Being a chartered surveyor has allowed me to travel, move continents, value properties across the Middle East knowing that all approaches to projects will and should theoretically be the same.

The recognition of RICS by major employers and clients is also second to none and has allowed me to network directly with others within the industry. Being a chartered surveyor with RICS has allowed me to specialise in an area that suited me best and it also allows others to do so too; becoming a chartered surveyor can be very versatile.

Ravinder Kaur
Ravinder Kaur is Senior Surveyor, Valuation Advisory at DTZ Qatar

Has becoming a chartered surveyor increased your job opportunities?

With the real estate industry facing a skills shortage and real estate transacting every day, surveying skills are always in demand. A career in surveying can be very rewarding for those who are ambitious and given that RICS is recognised globally, the opportunity to travel is accessible.

Can you give an example of an instance when your RICS credentials have assisted you in your career?

Being RICS qualified has allowed me and my company to withhold the highest standards of work in line with regulatory requirements. This has also allowed me to align my skill set and grow my career through different companies, all through being allied with RICS standards. Since RICS regulation imposes strict professional, business and ethical standards on all its members, it provides the basis for unparalleled client confidence within the sector and, ultimately, within your company.

Being a chartered surveyor has allowed me to travel, move continents, value properties across the Middle East knowing that all approaches to projects will and should theoretically be the same.

With the future of surveying evolving, how do you see the role of a surveyor changing to meet future needs?

As environmental awareness becomes increasingly important, surveyors will increasingly need to contribute to building sustainable societies to manage land and properties. Additionally, problem solving will be of utmost importance now that surveying services are becoming more universally streamlined. The way that business is now conducted is ever changing given the growing needs of clients and technological advancements requiring surveyors to develop and hone relative skills.

How does RICS equip you to cope with the challenges of the evolving built environment?

CPD events and networking within the industry allow you to become aware of market movements and changes within the industry; its pivotal to remain up to date on the changes within the real estate industry, especially within the Middle East where many GCC markets are known to be opaque.

What do you enjoy most about being a chartered surveyor in the Middle East?

No two projects or client requirements are the same, the vastness and complexity of commercial properties have always been of interest to me. The Qatar National Vison 2030 and the upcoming Qatar World Cup 2022 are quickly advancing the landscape.

The long-term large infrastructure projects and hospitality accommodation require significant levels of investment and, in turn, real estate advisory services; an interesting and rewarding future lies ahead for real estate in the Middle East…

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