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RICS Approved Strata Inspection Panel – NSW, Australia

RICS Strata Inspection Panel – NSW, Australia

RICS has been approved by the New South Wales Government to run a Strata Inspection Panel (The Panel) under the requirements of the NSW Strata Building Bond and Inspection Scheme (The Scheme)

Under the Strata building bond & inspections scheme (SBBIS), developers of new strata buildings 4 storeys or higher must pay a building bond to NSW Fair Trading equal to two percent of the total price paid or payable of all contracts for the building. This building bond may be used to fix defects identified during the SBBIS building inspections. If not needed, the bond is returned to the developer.

Chartered Surveyors qualified in Building Surveying* or equivalent professionals who have been assessed and approved to be on the RICS Panel are eligible to undertake the role of a Building Inspector under the Scheme. (* RICS Chartered Building Surveyors are not to be confused with building certifiers/building control surveyors. The experience and competences required of RICS Chartered Building Surveyors is broader and encompasses post occupancy building inspection and pathology, defects identification and technical due diligence, in addition to design, contract and project management of construction.)

A list of approved RICS Panel Members and their contact details can be found below.

The eligibility and assessment criteria for the RICS Panel can be found here.

The competences which professionals must achieve before qualifying as a Chartered Building Surveyor can be found here: building-surveying-pathway-guide-chartered-rics.pdf

The RICS Standards of Conduct include the RICS Rules of Conduct and a number of mandatory standards that apply to all professional members and RICS-regulated firms. Standards of conduct (

The Rules of Conduct under which RICS Members must operate can be found here: Rules of conduct (

The RICS regulatory and disciplinary process, which details how complaints against RICS Members are dealt with can be found here: How we regulate (

The process for dealing with complaints against RICS can be found here: rics-global-complaints-procedure.pdf

RICS Strata Inspection Panel – NSW Strata Building Bond and Inspection Scheme

RICS Strata Inspection Panel – Updated 18/3/2022

Building Inspector name

Building inspector’s Business name (if any)


Contractor licence number if applicable (not mandatory)

Contact phone number

Contact email address

(email address for service)

Strata Inspector Panel

Email address for service

Alan Stewart

MBMpl Pty Ltd

74 099 962 231


0424 575 325


Christopher Barker

Knight Frank Australia Pty Ltd

17 004 973 684


0404 203 579


Martin Galbraith

Galbraith Scott Pty Ltd


 83 144 628 937


0406 956 657


Andrea Brown

Knight Frank Australia Pty Ltd

17 004 973 684


0410 806 370


Billy Dawes


CDC Property Consultancy Pty Ltd

35 655 219 480

RICS 005

0438 669 706


For further information on the RICS Panel please contact:

Nick Hudson

Partnership Development Manager -  Australia, RICS


M: +61 (0)403822523