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Global Consistency

Global consistency

The standards of RICS qualifications are fundamental to the standing of the profession and its professionals. Quality assuring RICS education and qualifications activities consistently across geographical boarders and within different disciplines of the profession is paramount to upholding RICS reputation.

RICS’ global and local review processes support this, including a yearly audit of data relating to all our professional assessments, assessor training, direct entry routes, vetting panels, nomination routes and qualification checks. As part of our governance structure, RICS appoints qualified professionals and lay-people to ensure transparency and consistency in our activities globally.

The primary purpose of the Membership Working Group is to:

  • Recommend policy and frameworks for professional competence
  • Recommend policy and frameworks for entry to the profession globally
  • Quality assure education standards
  • Quality assure qualification standards

RESBs for the Americas, Asia Pacific, Continental Europe, and UK and Ireland support this work at a regional level.