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7 JUN 2022

Online property auctions still have huge benefits post-pandemic

What is the overall landscape of the UK auction market?  How is the auction market viewed compared to private treaty?  What kind of information do auctioneers, buyers, and sellers need and want?  What types and volumes of data and information are you dealing with?  How has data and technology evolved over the decades to allow this information to flow more freely?  How have you used fax, databases, spreadsheets, www, and the internet as they emerged?  What technology didn't work? Which comes first - technology or market demand?  How is the journey from documents to structured data improving the auction process?  How is technology supporting the auction process itself?  How has the pandemic accelerated adoption of technology?   What do you see as the future for property auctions and their use and adoption of technology?

David Sandeman speaks with Andrew Knight as they discuss how property technology can support the auction process.

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RICS Tech Partner Programme talk with Essential Information Group