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Welfare and Corporate Responsibilities

We are concerned with the wellbeing of our members and of society as a whole.

RICS is involved with a number of charities and services that support and advise individuals both inside and outside the organisation.

The Chartered Surveyors' Voluntary Service (CSVS) is a registered charity supported by RICS. Through the service, volunteer surveyors provide free property advice to those who would not otherwise be able to receive the support they require.

RICS is in partnership with the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust (CSTT). This organisation helps young people to become surveyors by offering an apprenticeship scheme that counts towards our Associate route to membership.

LionHeart is an independent charity run by our members for our members. Through a volunteer network, this benevolent fund offers confidential advice, information and other support to past and present members of the organisation who, for whatever reason, find themselves in difficulty.

Charity Property Help is our pro bono service which provides free support and guidance on property matters.

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