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Working for RICS: career stories

Working for RICS: career stories

We'll offer you an engaging and exciting working environment, allowing you to make the most of your skills. Hear from those currently employed by RICS and discover why they love working for us.

We're an organisation that embraces innovative thinking, celebrates difference, champions collaboration, motivates you to push boundaries and exceed expectations. 

Read Daniel's story

Daniel Phelan
Internal Communications Advisor, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Marcia Martini Ferrari. Head of Business Development Latin America and FM Americas

A typical day for me: My day is anything but routine! Some days are quite peaceful in the office while others are high-energy out in the markets, representing RICS at conferences and events or raising our profile by speaking on panels.

My work matters because: After I speak at conferences or events, women often tell me that my work inspires them to pursue their career ambitions. Working within a traditionally male-dominated industry such as land, property and construction, I have the opportunity to role model for women what a successful career can look like and give them confidence that they too can have an impact.

Our work matters because: According to JLL, 70% of the world's wealth is wound up in the Built Environment. We therefore have a significant opportunity to positively impact our communities and planet by creating the standards, thought leadership and qualified professionals that uphold consistency and integrity within the Built Environment.

As a working parent, I value the flexibility with my working hours and office base, which enable me to achieve my career and personal aspirations.

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Stephanie Bunce
Regional Head of Conference Logistics, South, London and home-based, United Kingdom

Deva D Dubey, Associate Professor, RICS School of Built Environment, Mumbai Campus, India

Why I came to RICS: I saw an opportunity to help create a world class educational institution through RICS' School of the Built Environment. For me, the solution to every challenge we face as a society starts with education.

What I value most about working here: Our organisation instils a strong sense of service for the public good and gives us opportunities to serve our communities

A typical day for me: As a professor, I spend much of my day in the classroom teaching students as well as in conversation with them to answer questions and help them to be successful in their studies.

My work matters because: As an organisation, we work towards making the world better to live in. I contribute to that by inspiring my students and colleagues to continuously learn and grow, so that they will progress to make a positive impact in society and the world at large.

Understanding and combatting key issues such as urbanisation and environmental impact are core to a sustainable future and RICS works to ensure it is at the forefront, shaping the world we live in.

Read Rachel's story

Rachel Baines
Email Marketing Manager, London, United Kingdom