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Review Online

Review Online

This tool helps you provide insurance reinstatement cost assessments, early cost advice, development appraisals or valuations based on current construction prices

It will help you

  • Provide insurance reinstatement cost assessments
  • Get early cost advice
  • Create development appraisals and valuations  
  • Benchmark; it gives a view of the market and bid comparisons to help ensure that sum costs are in the right ball park
  • Provide assurance and gives your quotes/tenders credibility. BCIS is reliable; our data is not subject to commercial bias. It is the only available source of independent data in the UK.

What's included

  • Average £/m2 building prices
  • Six sets of Indices
  • Tender Price Studies
  • Location factors along with a brief commentary on market conditions


Price is for a 12-month subscription to Review Online. Based on the number of people in your organisation rather than the number of users. The size of your organisation will be verified before you receive your login details. Prices exclude VAT. 

Sole Practitioner

RICS Member - £520

Non-RICS Member - £730

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Professional Practice - 2 - 9 employed

RICS Member - £1,060

Non-RICS Member - £1,500


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...we can give the best early cost advice with confidence, even if we don’t have experience

Roger Hennell on 12/11/2015
Stephen A. Blease and Associates Ltd

We are a small QS firm working with a variety of clients who often require project costs within the day. A recent architect client of ours was designing a £3.5m development consisting of refurbishments, new builds and offices. He needed to know whether a budget of 3.5 million was correct. By using BCIS Review Online we can give the best early cost advice with confidence, even if we don’t have experience of a similar sized project

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