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DRS Application forms

Dispute Resolution application forms

Directory of forms for each of our services

Download the form for the service you need and send completed forms to


Commercial      Construction     Mediation Service     Rural     General 

Neighbourhood Planning Independent Examiner Referral 

We have been made aware of issues receiving emails with Word document attachments. Please try to submit your application in PDF to prevent the email submission being blocked.


Commercial Rent Review Appointment Service Download DRS1 application form

Commercial Rent Review Appointment Service Scotland Download DRS1 - Scotland application form

PACT - Lease Renewal Disputes Download DRS2P application form

Small Business Scheme for Rent Review Download DRS2SB application form

Commercial Rental Independent Evaluation ServiceDownload DRS - IE1 application form


Construction & Engineering ArbitrationDownload DRS2(CEA) application form

Construction Adjudication Download DRS2C application form

Construction Adjudication ScotlandDownload DRS2C application form

Low Value AdjudicationDownload DRS2C-LVD  application form

Summary AdjudicationDownload DRS2C-SUM application form

Homeowner AdjudicationDownload DRS2HA application form


Consumer Mediation SchemeDownload DRS2CM application form

ACRE MediationDownload DRS2M application form

Online MediationDownload DRS2MO application form

Neighbourhood Planning Independent Examiner Referral Service

Examination ServiceDownload NPEIRS1 application form

Health CheckDownload NPEIRS2 application form


Simplified Arbitration Service - Rural Rent Review DisputesDownload DRS3 application form
Rural Non-Rent DisputesDownload DRS4 application form

Application Hold form Download DRS5 application form


Non-Rent Disputes such as matrimonial disputes, property valuations,  partnership dispute and Expert WitnessDownload DRS2 application form

Dilapidation DisputesDownload DRSD application form

Neighbour Disputes ServiceDownload DRS2ND application form

Service Charge: Dispute Resolution Download DRS2C application form

Ground Rent AssessmentDownload DRSGR application form