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22 NOV 2022

Bank lending valuations and mortgage lending value

Please note, this document was reissued in October 2022 as a professional standard. It was previously published in June 2018 as a Guidance Note. The regulatory requirements remain the same. For more information on the document category changes, see the text part way down on this page Upholding Professional Standards

This professional standard is primarily directed at those providing valuation services within or subject to EU jurisdictions for bank-lending purposes, in particular where the provision of a mortgage lending value (MLV) is requested. While designed for reference by RICS members, it may also assist understanding of the underlying issues by users and other stakeholders – borrowers, lenders, and regulatory authorities.

The standard covers:

(a) ’Sustainable’ or ‘long-term’ value methods (section 2

and Appendix A)

(b) the main definitions of MLV: EU, Germany and Spain

(section 3) and

(c) the role of the RICS valuer (section 4).

In addition, this standard identifies some of the current developments in Europe concerning long-term valuations that are not currently part of the bank lending valuation process but may be required in the future.