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Why become a corporate partner?

Why become a corporate partner?

An invitation to partner with us

Our animating purpose is the creation of cleaner, greener and more prosperous places.

By partnering with World Built Environment Forum you can access a thousands-strong community of senior built environment professionals, all of whom share our vision and match our passion.

Digital Marketing Campaign Channels

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Social Media
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Key statistics

Website: Average 17,000 visits per month / average 3 minutes reading time

Webinars: Average 300 live delegates per webinar / 60% conversion / 89% rate Good to Excellent

Podcast: Average 130 downloads

Email: Average 30,000 recipients per month

Social Media: Average 200 organic new followers per month

When you become a Partner 

WBEF will spotlight your thought leadership and promote your brand to our highly engaged, highly influential, inspired and inspiring community. Let us be a platform for your company’s best ideas.

Each partnership agreement is bespoke and built around your organisational priorities. Articles, webinars, podcasts and more – together we can co-create brilliance.

For more information or to speak to our team, contact us