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Governing Council Elections

Governing Council Elections

Following a strong turnout from the profession with 15.73% of RICS professionals voting, the results from the elections for the 15 new market seats on Governing Council have been verified.

RICS is thrilled to welcome the following individuals to Governing Council:

Alan Child FRICS, Hong Kong


Louise Archer FRICS, UK and Ireland


Marion Ellis FRICS, UK and Ireland


Birgit Hempel FRICS, Europe


Martin Eberhardt FRICS, Europe

Kathleen Michell MRICS, Africa

Wang Hao MRICS, China


Colin Uche Obi FRICS, Caribbean


Nicholas Maclean FRICS, Middle East

Praveen Subramanya MRICS, India


Robert James Wilson MRICS, Canada


            Claudio Bernardes FRICS,


William Jones FRICS, ASEAN

David Torrens FRICS, Australasia

Details of the vote are available below:

Category % turnout Candidate/s elected % of votes
Africa 36.4 Kathleen Michell 47.89
ASEAN 31 William Jones 46.96
Australasia 24.6 David Torrens 21.84
Caribbean 54.9 Colin Uche Obi 46.63
China 6.8 Wang Hao Albert 70.43
Europe 26.2 Martin Eberhardt
Birgit Hempel
Hong Kong 15.1 Alan Child 35.05
India 43.3 Praveen Subramanya 42.13
Middle East 42 Nicholas Maclean 26.48
UK & Ireland 12.4 Marion Ellis
Louise Archer
USA 23.2 Ann Gray 33.63

Candidates in Brazil and Canada were elected uncontested.

This was the first election for the 15 market seats that were created to implement the Bye-law changes agreed by the profession in 2018 to modernise our governance structure. The election now completes the establishment of RICS' new Governing Council comprised of 15 market seats, 6 strategic seats, and 4 leadership team seats.

Our new governance structure brings diverse, global leadership to Governing Council, shaping a vision for RICS that pioneers innovation and creates better spaces and places for future generations.

RICS congratulates those elected and thanks everyone who stood for elections. With over 60 nominees, there were many fine candidates, which speaks to the strength of our profession across the globe. RICS also thanks every professional who made their voice hear and helped shape the strategic direction of RICS by voting in the market seat elections.