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26 FEB 2020

How buildings will save the world

Surveying is a career on the frontline of tackling the climate crisis. Surveyors design, build, value and manage everything you see, as a result, the profession is uniquely placed to steer the built environment towards a sustainable future.

As part of our #myfutureplanet campaign, we have produced a video with B1M which showcases the role surveyors play in saving our future, featuring amazing projects from vertical farms to smog-eating buildings and bringing nature back into some of the planet’s most notorious concrete jungles.

Why Buildings Will Save The World | The B1M

From smog-eating buildings to greening some of the planet’s most notorious concrete jungles, this is how construction’s brightest minds are working to save our world

This video outlines the role the built environment can play, how surveyors can and are making a difference, to save our future. If you are looking to make a positive difference to the world then surveying could be the career for you.

Find out more about surveying and how the profession helps to transform communities, create safer places to live and tackle global issues like rapid urbanisation and climate change -