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As part of our Value the Planet campaign, we are running a series of webinars hosted by sustainability experts in the Surveying profession.

The future we want to shape: Chartered Surveyors and the UN SDGs

This webinar explains the momentum which has already been developed within the SDG agenda for a sustainable and shared common future for mankind. By creating a deeper understanding of the global context of the UN declaration, and how global policy and action flows down to our land and built environment professional practice, we unpack the detail and enable chartered surveyors to fully understand how their practices contribute to the SDGs and the important global agenda that ‘leaves no body behind’. 

Download the webinar presentation

SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption & Production

RICS is in the unique position of being  the only profession that is involved in the full extent of the “Property Lifecycle”, from extracting natural resources for construction materials, specifying and utilising those materials in construction, managing our land and buildings and then recycling and reusing demolition wastes.

This Webinar will highlight examples of where RICS Professionals are leading projects aimed at more sustainable resource management within the Circular Economy and explore opportunities for more responsible sourcing of resources and management of wastes.

Join our panel of experts chaired by David Sandbrook, FRICS, Partner and Head of Minerals and Waste Management, Carter Jonas

Driving the (Triple) Bottom Line: Enhancing financial returns through sustainable building practices

Derek Wilson, Senior Sustainable Development Manager at Transport for London, will walk RICS members through the emerging TfL Sustainable Development Framework – a new approach to creating a sustainable property estate. Drawing on best practice in the areas of social impact, environmental stewardship, and economic development, the presentation will offer a unique look into how a commercial entity can help ‘build back better’ and leverage its supply chain to benefit people, protect the planet, and enhance financial returns at the same time.

Delivering sustainable development goals: A guide to business

David Inman FRICS CEnv delivers this webinar on tactical approaches to deliver all 17 sustainable development goals in organisations without breaking the bank and building on existing good practices your organisation is likely to have.

Challenges facing the built environment webinar

Broadcast in February 2020, this webinar presented by Benjamin Towell explored the many issues facing the built environment.