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17 NOV 2021

Cleaning a major contributor to FM costs

Cleaning is a major cost in the running of a building and can be more significant than building maintenance costs.

Cleaning can represent from 52% to 129% of the maintenance cost (includes renewal and maintenance of building fabric and services, and decorations). Cleaning costs on a particular building are influenced by many issues including:

  • the use of the building
  • the hours of operation
  • hours of access for the cleaning staff
  • frequencies of cleaning; and
  • the level of cleaning required.

The following chart shows the estimated annual average cleaning and maintenance costs for a range of building types.

Source: BCIS, BRCOL Base: 4Q2020 and at UK mean location

The estimated cleaning cost as a % of maintenance cost for a range of building types are as presented below:

BCIS Life Cycle Cost (LCC) contains annual average expenditure estimates for cleaning, alongside renewal and maintenance, decorations, and utilities for 109 building functions. The costs can be adjusted for date and location.

BCIS Life cycle cost is published in the BCIS Building Running Cost Online (BRCOL) service.
The LCC estimates are informed opinion rather than statistics. The reliability of the estimates would obviously be improved by the availability of more and better data. Any assistance that could be given would be gratefully received and acknowledged by BCIS. If you work/experience in Facility Management and would like to assist with BCIS LCC data, please contact