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Inspire future surveyors

Inspire future surveyors

RICS professionals do amazing work shaping the built and natural environments. We know that future generations need inspiring to discover the fulfilment offered by a career within surveying, and we need the help of our inspirational professionals.

The RICS Inspire programme is our catalyst for showcasing the profession to the next generation. Initiatives ran by the programme inspire young people and influencers about surveying's role in shaping our world and equipping young people with the skills needed to pursue a professional surveying career.

How you can get involved?

  • Interact with students as they make key decisions for their future careers.

    Inspire Workshops have seen over 8,200 students from 40 schools across the UK take on different surveying roles, resulting in a significant increase of students considering a career in surveying.

    Aimed at students in year 9 and 10 across the UK, inspire workshops have been developed from research which shows that school students engage most with activities which motivate and interest them - primarily in a non-academic format.

    Using RICS’ insight about the profession and its desire to promote the vast number of career opportunities available to students. Inspire workshops gets students to form small teams, where they complete project-based tasks and challenges designed to provide a “taster” of the numerous careers within the industry, reflecting aspects of surveying and project management and the skills needed.

    These workshops are run by specialist educational facilitators but RICS needs professionals to be Inspire Ambassadors, sharing their real-life experiences and industry knowledge to really bring the workshops to life.

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  • Design Engineer Construct (DEC) is an accredited GCSE and A level equivalent qualification specifically developed to create and inspire the next generation of Built Environment professionals.

    Through a project-based approach, DEC applies pure academic subjects to the latest construction industry practices. The result is young people with real-world practical experience, employability skills and passion to succeed as built environment professionals.

    This unique learning programme offers all employers, irrespective of size, the chance to engage with students genuinely interested in working towards a career in the built environment, resulting in a ‘home grown’ talent pipeline of work ready, knowledgeable young professionals ready who would have never previously considered a career in the built environment.

    RICS adopted Clacton Coastal Academy as sponsored school to run a DEC programme and have seen amazing pupils coming out of the programme. Of this years’ final year students all are perusing built environment careers either continuing studies at university set to start apprenticeships with firms. 

    We would strongly encourage all firms to consider adopting a DEC school as part of their talent development.

    Find out more about DEC

  • To represent the profession the RICS attends a series of 10 high profile careers shows, reaching a combined audience of over 65,000 young people to give us a strong and consistent presence across the UK. We do attend other ad hoc careers shows but the below shows are the priority for RICS.

    In addition to these skills shows RICS will also have a presence at the National Careers Guidance show which sees approximately 2,500 teachers and careers advisers attend, so we can educate this key audience around the benefits of surveying as a career.

    In order to bring these careers shows to life we need real surveyors talking about their real life experiences in the profession so whether you are a trainee enrolled on RICS assessment, an apprentice or a newly qualified professional – help us to inspire the next generation by volunteering to attend these careers shows as an Inpsire Ambassador.

  • RICS gets asked to attend and support a lot of schools and university visits.  We always try to make this possible and we have a suite of materials  to support volunteers, however last year we sent out over 50,000 brochures so we have to look strategically at each opportunity and the value it brings to the profession.  

    If you are going into or interested in visiting a school or university then register as an Inspire Ambassador and we can get in touch with agreed opportunities.

  • Why should you become an Accreditation Reviewer?

    • Engage: RICS encourages our professionals to lean in and engage with the next generation of surveyors.
    • Make a difference: Working with Accredited universities, programme leaders, and students helps to make a difference in the sector.
    • Gain and Share Knowledge: Use this as an opportunity to share your knowledge but also grow and learn from others.

    I am pleased to be involved in the RICS accreditation process. We as professional members have the chance to work with the future of our profession by providing necessary and constructive input during the review of each programme.

    Pol Tansens MRICS
    Head of Real Estate Investment Strategy at BNP Paribas Fortis

    Pol Tansen MRICS
    Pol Tansen MRICS

    RICS is seeking to appoint Chartered Surveyors to support the Global Education and Qualification Standards department in the task of accrediting programmes worldwide. An Accreditation Reviewer will be responsible for reviewing programmes for accreditation and re-accreditation against the 10 criteria detailed in our accreditation policy.

    For more information on becoming an Accreditation Reviewer please download and review the Accreditation Reviewer Role profile below.

    Accreditation Reviewer Role profile

    Marzia Morena FRICS
    Marzia Morena FRICS

    My personal experience with the RICS accreditation process was great; I had a chance to meet international colleagues, share ideas and learn new practices, but most importantly improve every time.

    Marzia Morena FRICS
    Associate Professor of Politecnico di Milano

Resources for teachers

Our teacher recourses can be used for schools to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks around learning from career and labour market information and linking curriculum learning to careers.

If you are looking for further information or support to develop encounters with employers and employees, then please contact us on

To help bring the curriculum to life and meet Gatsby Benchmarks 2 and 4 around employer interactions, we've created the following lesson resources to help you educate your students on careers in surveying and the skills required in this innovative sector.

Download our lesson resources

Careers leader guide

Geography lesson pack

PSHE lesson pack

Student information sheet

Teacher's guide

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Explore our brochures: How can your students get into surveying?

We have developed two careers brochures to help explain surveying and the routes into the career.

  • Schools brochure
  • Universities guide

Schools brochure

Our schools guide is a perfect introduction into surveying within land, property and construction sectors and why a surveying career could be a good option.

Universities guide

Our guide for university students provides in more in-depth information about a surveying career, including all the different surveying specialisms and how to become a Chartered Surveyor.