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RICS Matrics

Supporting, networking and developing young professionals.


RICS Matrics is under review until April 2021. We are working closely with the National Board of Matrics, and local member group Chairs to decide how we move forward in a post-COVID19 world. In the meantime, and on a temporary basis, please complete the online form below and stay connected with UK Matrics developments by joining the digital community today.

Join the RICS Insight Community

All 2021 Matrics Local Group Chairs’ information, and any upcoming events will be shared through the UK Matrics Community forum in due course.

Thank you for your patience. We hope to welcome you to Matrics soon!

The RICS has a well-established younger membership – RICS Matrics. RICS Matrics supports new members entering the profession, as well as working with RICS to shape the future of surveying and grow the size and respect of the profession across industries globally.

RICS Matrics is forward thinking in its outlook of the profession, nurturing and supportive of its members. Participating in RICS Matrics will enable you to expand your skills set and gain confidence amongst your own peer group.

There is something for everyone in RICS Matrics. You may simply want to come along and meet some of your fellow surveyors, maybe attend one or two CPD seminars, network at one our inter-professional events or seek some support through your APC. The continued success of RICS Matrics relies on new members getting involved, attending events and sharing their views.

RICS Insight Community

Free for members to join, this is the main hub for all built environment professionals where you will find links to standards and guidance, consultations and insight papers, as well as discussion forums to connect with other professionals working in your field.

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Trainee Surveyors

Trainee surveyors benefit from support mechanisms from online forums, support groups and peer mentoring as well as career advice and mentoring provided in a social environment. RICS Matrics assists trainees in finding out more about the APC or Associate route to qualification, providing mock interviews and advice before taking your assessment.

There is no one better to advise you on RICS assessment than someone who has just been through the process.

Newly Qualified

Newly qualified professionals joining RICS Matrics will can gain valuable business contacts and opportunities to develop themselves professionally and personally. 

Through building your network you can develop your personal and management skills in an informal, social environment.

Newly qualified professionals have lots to offer their peers and can really make a difference by “giving something back” to encourage the high standard of those entering the profession. Volunteer as an Inspire Ambassador to hear about schools, universities and careers fairs.

Established RICS Matrics members

Established RICS Matrics members are the leaders of tomorrow after gaining experience within the organisation for several years.

With your great experience you are the essential to the running of this ever-growing network and are able to share the wealth of their knowledge, influence employers and help steer younger professionals through the stages of career development.

To become more involved the development and direction of RICS Matrics join a local committee and gain experience in business planning, people management, communication skills as well as leadership. There are over 40 local RICS Matrics groups open to new members and fresh ideas.

Help inspire the next generation

We are always looking for volunteers to go to schools, universities and careers fairs to represent the profession.

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Share your views

RICS Matrics is always looking for ideas and fresh input.

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It's now even easier to join the forward thinking and vibrant world of RICS Matrics

RICS Matrics was created to look after the interests of members entering or not long in the profession of surveying.

RICS Matrics believes in the ability to shape the future. As such we are always after newly qualified individuals to join and share their views, give new ideas and inject fresh input in to an ever-changing environment.

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 If you are studying and not yet a member of RICS, please visit our student membership page today

By providing these contact details you are consenting to be contacted by our local group chairman in your area: