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UK Matrics Board Chair update May 2022

On Friday 29 April the UK Matrics Board and guests met to discuss the RICS Entry and Assessment Review, our Local Groups strategy, the Jubilee Beacons initiative, Member Engagement, Experience and Value (MEEV), my Chair’s Charity Challenge and the Matrics Budget.

Engaging with the c. 30 Local Matrics Groups and receiving feedback is always critical to the UK Matrics Board operations. We know that financial support to our Local Groups has a major role in achieving our strategy of inspiring, engaging and supporting the future leaders of tomorrow. Furthermore, RICS’ decision to remove funding to Matrics during the ‘period of reflection’ hugely upset the ability of Local Groups to work effectively within our communities.

The necessity of funding and the pivotal role it has in our efficiency has been stressed to RICS’ Executives in recent times and I am delighted to announce that as of today we now have funds available to our Local Groups to support what we do best; boosting the profile of the role of a Chartered Surveyor, supporting new members entering the profession, as well as working with RICS to shape the future of surveying across industries globally. RICS’ support goes beyond simply providing financial aid, the Executive Board and the UK&I World Regional Board are hugely supportive of our agenda which is refreshing, motivational and gives confidence.

Personally, I see this decision as a statement of intent. As we move forward post-Levitt and whilst Lord Bichard’s Review is underway, RICS is heavily invested in Matrics and the next generation agenda. There are exciting times ahead.

Ensuring our work is transparent, increasing accountability and promoting inclusion will continue to be priority areas for my term as UK Matrics Chair. If you would like to learn more about Matrics please do contact Kirsty White e: or myself and we will happily help.


Theo Till MRICS, Matrics Chair UK and Ireland


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Theo Till MRICS, Matrics Chair UK and Ireland