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myRICS community

myRICS community

Connect, Collaborate, Grow and Learn

Welcome to myRICS community. A safe and secure virtual community for our members, candidates, employees, and professionals across the built environment. A space where you can connect with like-minded peers locally and globally; discuss and deliberate topics shaping the sector; ideate and exchange views that spark conversations; and discuss challenges and opportunities affecting the profession.  

The strength and success of the profession lies in collaboration and the myRICS community platform offers you the opportunity to

  • Connect and network virtually with peers worldwide
  • Engage in discussions about relevant topics within the surveying profession
  • Ask questions, submit suggestions, and express your opinions
  • Communicate effectively in real-time with professionals in the sector, specific to location or specialism
  • Access resources that can support in your day-to-day activities

Introducing myRICS community

What is the myRICS community?

myRICS community is in response to feedback from our members, candidates, and professionals working across the built and natural environment to provide an opportunity to have a combined and collective voice. It is a platform that provides an open environment for bringing together of people and conversation.

Being a professional community of practice - professional specialisms, skills, and interest areas are at the heart of the myRICS community architecture. Giving you an opportunity to engage and network with fellow professionals and RICS staff, both locally and globally, through various forums and groups within the platform to network, engage and skill share.

Use the platform to connect with people through the member directory; learn more about our member-led events; collaborate on thought leadership initiatives by supporting the development/creation and refinement of standards and consultations; start discussion threads; post comments; ask questions; , and contribute answers.

Why are we creating the myRICS community?

As a professional body, our members are at the core of everything we do. Based on the findings from our ‘Defining Our Future’ consultation and the Digital Presence Programme (DPP) workshops conducted with select groups of members and candidates – the myRICS community was conceived.

To support and ensure you are connected and share a sense of belonging to the profession at large, we have created a new online community platform where you can network with peers in an engaging, user-friendly way. Amongst many other things, the platform allows you to learn from others, contribute perspectives and ideas, build direct relationships with people from within the sector and become mentors, facilitated by RICS.

  • How will the platform be launched?
  • Opportunities within myRICS community
  • What to expect in the future

How will the platform be launched?

We are pleased to announce that the first phase of the myRICS community platform is now live.

Upon logging in, you will be able to access the following groups and forums:

  • Open Forum – Member Lounge
  • Building Surveying
  • Commercial Property
  • Construction
  • Land and Natural Resources
  • Planning and Development
  • Valuation
  • Residential Property

To learn which groups will go live next, stay tuned into this space for further announcements.

Also, watch out for the launch of the community platform on as a Mobile app available on IoS and Android.

Opportunities within myRICS community

The myRICS community, which will be released in phases, will offer a range of opportunities for you.

At launch, you will be able to:

  • Start and respond to discussion threads and ask questions
  • Set up a personalised user profile with pre-populated data fields
  • Set privacy settings to show or hide elements of your personal user profile
  • Join existing community groups related to specialism, sector, interest area, etc. There is no limitation to the number of groups you can join.
  • Request the creation of new community groups where a specialism, sector, interest area, etc is not already represented
  • Have badges and ribbons assigned to your profile, dependent on specific roles and responsibilities (either within the community platform or real-life positions i.e., APC Assessor and Group Moderator).
  •  Gain points for engagement and contribution, and earn badges and banners while doing so
  • Search the member directory for peers on the platform. You will however only be able to view profiles of people who have opted to be listed/shown on the directory)
  • Cross-post content between 2 groups
  • Self-moderate posts on groups (report where content is deemed inappropriate etc).
  • Join ‘invite-only’ groups which cannot be viewed outside the group itself
  • Access a site glossary of terms
  • Upload content into libraries and access others’ documents once shared
  • Receive email communication roundups of the latest discussions in the groups you are a part of, and to choose the frequency of these sends
  • Receive communications in an onsite inbox
  • Respond to comments on a post directly from your personal email inbox
  • Access an open forum of relevant information

What to expect in the future

  • Ability to set up events within the community
  • Display webinars, recordings, resources, and more for certifications
  • Run polls
  • Ability to search for volunteer opportunities throughout RICS
  • Add non-RICS members to specific areas of the community site
  • Embed community conversations on the website
  • Set up your profile as a ‘mentor;

Your opinion, experience and feedback is important to us. We will also be running polls to consult with you on features you would like to see rolled out on the community platform.