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APC Preliminary Review: The experienced professional’s route to chartership

APC Preliminary Review: The experienced professional’s route to chartership

Busy professionals within the built environment understand the need for a less laborious route to membership. By eliminating the structured training option, the APC Preliminary Review route to Chartered Membership provides a unique opportunity for:

  • Professionals with a degree
  • Have 5 years or more work experience
  • Membership of another association; these will need to be RICS approved and you can view the full list here

If you fall into this category, you can gain the much coveted MRICS status by simply submitting your final assessment for a preliminary review to a panel of experts.

The APC Preliminary Review, or Prelim for short, is ideal for those that have the requisite years of experience and want to formalise their knowledge with a qualification.



  • Become part of a collective; RICS professionals are widely recognised as holding the gold standard for the profession
  • Broaden your opportunities for career progression and even more personal success
  • Guidance and support from members around the globe
  • Further networking opportunities to increase your personal profile
  • Speed and ease of gaining your qualification via the Preliminary Review route
  • Access to world-leading training, events, conferences, thought leadership and best practice standards

Completing the RICS APC through Preliminary Review


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