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Compulsory Purchase

Compulsory Purchase

What it is, RICS standards and guidance for professionals, and support and advice for consumers

Compulsory purchase is where mainly public sector organisations are authorised to buy and make the occupants move out of property, or acquire third party rights, where it is needed in the public interest, even if the owner or occupier doesn’t agree. There is an increasing use of compulsory purchase powers in the UK in particular to ensure delivery of essential regeneration, housing and infrastructure.  There is a formal process required to demonstrate the need for the property to be acquired, and affected parties will have an opportunity to object or voice concerns. Compensation will be paid for any property or rights taken or affected.

Some RICS professionals are specialists in compulsory purchase and advise those who can exercise compulsory purchase powers and those who may be affected  by compulsory purchase, and this page brings together useful information prepared by RICS and others.

RICS Professionals working in CPO

RICS Compulsory Purchase (CPO) Expert Working Group

RICS has an Expert Working Group dedicated to the subject of compulsory purchase. This Group provides strategic direction and guidance to RICS on this important professional specialism. The Expert Working Group is composed of eleven RICS professionals who are all engaged with the subject of compulsory purchase. The Expert Working Group is currently working with RICS training on the development of specialist CPO training. Once developed, the training will feature on this page.  

RICS Standards on Compulsory Purchase

RICS mandatory professional statement – Surveyors advising in respect of compulsory purchase and statutory compensation - applies when RICS professionals provide advice regarding property interests in the UK that relates to the seeking or use of compulsory purchase or other statutory powers by or against their client, or where the seeking or use of such powers is contemplated. It also applies when RICS professionals are advising a body that is relying on or seeking to rely on another body to seek or use compulsory purchase or other statutory powers to assist with a project. RICS professionals must also adhere to RICS Valuation Global Standards, Red Book. Red Book UK National Supplement includes UK VPGA 16 Valuations for compulsory purchase and statutory compensation.

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Regulated Members speak up

Regulated Members have a professional duty to promptly disclose the details of any Regulated Member that you reasonably believe may have breached RICS standards (byelaw B5.2.1(c) of the Royal charter and bye-laws). The duty to speak up is an important part of the profession's "moral compass". Think of it as protecting the reputation of your profession, by helping RICS to uphold the public interest.

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CPO Investigation Cases Report

There are currently 2173 Members and 516 Regulated Firms that have declared to RICS that they operate within the compulsory purchase area of practice. RICS has undertaken a search of records to identify investigation cases which relate to compulsory purchase or related schemes. The search is based on the areas of practice recorded on RICS’ records.

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RICS CPO ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Service

RICS is introducing a scheme for the resolution of compensation disputes in compulsory purchase claims as an alternative to a time-consuming and potentially costly referral to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber). If you are interested in training to be involved in the CPO ADR Service, or have any queries, please contact Raj Sohal by the 16th July.

Those affected by CPO

Compulsory Purchase Helpline

The RICS Helpline Scheme provides consumers with access to impartial, expert advice from certified RICS professionals about specific property matters of which compulsory purchase is one.

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Find a Surveyor/Consumer guide – Compulsory Purchase

RICS runs a Find a Surveyor service which consumers can utilise to search for RICS professionals on a geographic and specialism basis.   

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How to tell us about your concerns, provide information about a Regulated Member, RICS Regulated Firms or Professionals advising on compulsory purchase should you need to.

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RICS supports the use of International Construction Measurement Standards when reporting on infrastructure project costs and the RICS Professional Statement in Cost Prediction endorses the use of these standards in cost estimating and cost planning for chartered surveyors.