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记录 CPD 活动

记录 CPD 活动

We have an obligation to regulate and monitor members' compliance with our rules on CPD and do so as a matter of routine by calling in members' records. We require members to record their CPD activities each year, as part of this process.

我们有义务监管并监督会员在 CPD 合规方面的表现,我们通过例行查看会员的记录来完成监管。我们要求会员记录每年完成的 CPD 活动,并以此作为整个监管流程的组成部分。

How do I record my CPD? | 我应该如何记录我的 CPD?

Record via the RICS website

You can record your CPD by logging in to your account. You will need your email address and password that we have on file for you. If you have forgotten your password, your can set a new one at the login screen.

你可以通过登录账户来记录你的 CPD。你需要使用我们为你存档的电子邮件地址和密码才能登陆账户。如果你忘记密码,可在登录屏幕上重置密码。

Login to the member portal


Record via the RICS CPD App | 通过RICS CPD应用程序记录CPD

An updated version of the our CPD recording app is now available to download on both the Apple and Google Play stores – having previously been removed to fix compatibility issues caused by updates to the Apple and Android operating systems.


The CPD app is another way for you as an RICS professional to record CPD activities. It provides a convenient and easily accessible way to view, record and manage your professional development.


Download on iOS | IOS下载

Download on Android | 安卓下载

Contact us | 联系我们

If you have any questions about logging in or recording your CPD, please contact:

如果你对于登录账户或记录 CPD 有任何问题,请联系:


CPD recording FAQs | CPD记录常见问题解答

  • Why plan and record learning activities? | 为什么需要制定学习活动计划,并记录学习情况?

    To get the maximum benefit from your learning activities it is important to plan and record them. A structured learning programme that builds upon existing knowledge and previous activities will always be more effective than simply attending courses that look interesting.

    Recording learning allows you to reflect on what you have gained from your activities, consider how you are going to apply what you have learned, and plan what further learning you need to undertake. Keeping records also allows you to demonstrate that you have sought to maintain your competence in the event that a claim or allegation is made against you. Finally, your record of learning should help you to demonstrate to us how you have sought to meet the CPD requirement in the Rules of Conduct for Members.

    为了充分发挥学习活动的效果,合理计划并记录很重要。与只是参加看似有趣的课程相比,以现有知识和先前活动为基础的结构性学习计划的效果始终更显著。通过记录学习活动,你可以反思通过学习活动取得了什么成果,思考如何将所学的知识应用到实践中,并计划需要参加的后续学习活动。一旦有人提出针对你的索赔或指控,通过保留的记录可以展示你始终努力维持自己的胜任力。最后,你的学习记录有助于向我们展示你如何努力满足会员行为守则中有关 CPD 的要求。

  • When recording CPD you should include the following information:

    记录 CPD 活动时,你的记录中应该包含下列信息:
    1. Learning objective.

    2. Date.

    3. Subject area.

    4. Method of learning.

    5. Number of hours.

    6. Points, if awarded.

    7. Learning outcome.

  • We are obliged to regulate and monitor members' compliance with the rule on CPD. You have a responsibility to refresh your knowledge regularly and keep up to date in your chosen field.

    我们有义务监管并监督会员在 CPD 合规方面的表现。你有责任定期刷新自己的知识,并始终掌握你所选领域的最新知识。

    You must be able to produce a personal development plan on request, which demonstrates the following:


    • Planning that relevant goals and priorities for learning have been set.
    • 明确相关学习目标和优先任务的计划。
    • identifying your goals and how to reach them
    • 确定你的目标以及达成目标的方法
    • be prepared to consider and evaluate your current levels of knowledge and competence.
    • 准备好思考并评估你当前的知识和胜任力水平
    • Ask yourself these key questions
    • 向自己提出下列关键问题
    • what do I do well?
    • 我哪些方面做得很好?
    • what would I like to improve?
    • 我哪些方面有待改善?
    • what opportunities are facing me?
    • 我面临哪些机会?
    • what are the interesting new trends?
    • 有哪些有趣的新趋势?
    • what obstacles do I face?
    • 我面临哪些阻碍?
    • is my professional role changing?
    • 我的职业角色是否正在发生改变?
  • Setting a learning objective | 确立学习目标

    After identifying any gaps in your skills and knowledge, you are now able to record your development objectives; they should be realistic and contain an element of challenge. Although the objective could be quite broad, the subject area field must be specific. For example, if your objective is to "improve my contract management and development skills including updates on all legislation and regulations", the corresponding subject area could be "CDM Regulations".

    识别你在技能和知识方面的差距后,你现在可以记录你的发展目标;这些目标应该切合实际并且富有挑战性。尽管目标可能非常宽泛,但是主题范围必须明确。例如如果你的目标是“提高我的合同管理和开发技能 ,包括关于所有法律规制的最新知识”,那么相应的主题范围就应该是“CDM 规章”。

    It is useful to set goals in terms of your current competency levels and those you will require for the future. They should always aspire to best practice both in keeping up-to-date and broadening into new areas. Sometimes learning is unplanned and starts with an action and proceeds to an evaluation of what was learnt. Because it needs to be recorded in a different way, you don't need to complete the objective field when doing learning this way.


    Actions taken | 采取的行动

    To fulfil a CPD programme as a guide, we expect each member to be able to show a structured learning.

    为了完成一项指导性 CPD 计划,我们希望每位会员都能够展示一项结构性学习活动。

    Results | 结果

    Provide objective assessment of whether the learning has been constructive. An effective approach might include peer or client assessment or a consistent scoring system.


    Reflection | 反思

    Consideration of what further skills or knowledge you need to acquire or improve.


    Learning outcome/new level of competence | 学习成果/新的胜任力水平

    This is the most important stage of the learning process because you will now evaluate and reflect on your learning outcomes and establish whether you have achieved your original objective. This can be tested by asking the following questions:


    1. What have I actually learnt?

    2. How will this improve my skills or knowledge?

    By reflecting on what you have gained to date, and the progress made towards your original objective and competence, you may find you need more time to achieve it or it could no longer be valid. The review process will identify this. If, however, your original objective has been fully met, you should complete the 'completion date' field instead.


Find out more about regulation | 了解关于规管的更多信息