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Valuer registration

Valuer registration

The independent quality assurance process of Valuer Registration reinforces the highest professional standards.

Valuer Registration is a risk monitoring and quality assurance programme which checks compliance with the RICS Red Book.

The Red Book:

  • incorporates International Valuation Standards
  • is recognised globally as one of the most rigorous sets of standards for valuation
  • details mandatory practices for RICS members undertaking valuation services

Valuer Registration ensures that our members always meet the highest valuation standards. Becoming a Registered Valuer therefore offers protection and confidence both to you and your clients.

Valuer Registration will also give you a competitive advantage in the market as the standards are recognised and adopted in most parts of the world. There is increasing demand from major lenders and investors globally for valuations undertaken by RICS Registered Valuers.


When you sign up for Valuer Registration, you agree to be audited by our team of Regulatory Surveyors. They will check that you are complying with all stated mandatory professional standards and following best practice guidelines, and that you have robust processes and procedures in place. Following the audit, they will draft a report highlighting any risks or areas for improvement.


As a Registered Valuer, you can use the RICS Registered Valuer designation. You can also use the accreditation logo.

Find out more about how the RICS logo should be used