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Client relationships and handling data

Client relationships and handling data

To help professionals embed the new RICS Rules of Conduct in their work, we have developed the following content, with the support of a working group of members, to provide useful advice on managing client relationships and handling data.

This underpins Rule 3 of the Rules which states that members and firms must provide good-quality and diligent services. The Rules also include examples of behaviour that would meet this requirement.

Members can really benefit when these matters are considered and set up clearly from the start as miscommunication and complaints can be reduced which in turn can make it easier to deal with problems and provide good service.

If you would like advice on any of these areas or if you have any feedback on what further content would be useful please email

This advice is general and is intended to cover all firms, but remember to check whether there are also:

  • legal requirements in the country (or countries) in which you operate and/or
  • technical standards for your area of work that set mandatory requirements; for example, for terms of engagement or the content of reports.

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